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Main Courses to Choose From

– Confit of Duck (slowly cooked tender leg of duck) with orange and Grand
– Magret of Duck (breast of duck ) cooked to rose perfection with a Banyuls
réduction (French equivalent of Port) and a hint of raspberry
– Magret of Duck with fresh herbs and lavender with a honey glaze
– Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with rosemary and garlic
– Chicken Breast with a medley of fresh herbs and a butter and white wine sauce
– Ballotine of Chicken wrapped in pancetta with fresh herbs and shallots
– Suprême of Guinea Fowl (breast with wing piece attached) with a wild mushroom sauce
– Slow Roast of Veal with its natural jus
– Slow-cooked Venison or Wild Boar with a red wine reduction and a hint of chocolate
– Tender Roast Pork with a mustard and apple cider sauce
– Back of Cod with a fresh herb and butter crust
– Classic Boeuf Bourguignon served with a chapeau of puff-pastry
– Filet of Wild Salmon with a dill and pastis butter sauce
– A Saddle of Lamb cooked to a beautiful rose with a summer ratatouille
– Duo of Duck , magret of duck on a bed of shredded confit of duck with orange, in its natural juices
– Slow Roasted Duck with Thai green curry and coconut milk
– Rump Steak with a red wine reduction and slowly stewed prunes
– Filet of Beef with a rich reduction of Bergerac red wine
– Filet of Beef with a red wine reduction and foie gras